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Create your company's online academy and maximize the impact of e-learning on employees, partners and customers in the most efficient way.

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BrainsPro, 360º elearning software for companies

BrainsPro is a powerful, scalable and easy-to-use learning management tool for your entire team and stakeholders, ideal for internal training and talent management in all types of companies.

Empower your team's talent with the power of SaaS


Specially designed to promote high-impact learning experiences in professional environments.


Integrates CRMs, ERPs... systems that your company uses, avoids duplications and facilitates data loading tasks.


Create and manage multiple corporate spaces for the training of all your stakeholders: employees, partners, customers, suppliers..., all on the same platform.

100% customizable

Innovative white-labeled and 100% customizable elearning technology at your fingertips without further complications.


Your employees' data and content are safe in a secure, encrypted cloud hosting, including SSL certificates and regular backups.

With permanent support

We put at your disposal a team of people passionate about elearning to advance your success.

Why work with BrainsPro?

BrainsPro is the 360º elearning solution that easily solves any corporate training need.

Planes de formación para empresas y empleados

Offers flexibility

Let your employees, customers and partners choose how and what they want to learn: at their own pace, or by time, with a group of peers, or individually.

From anywhere in the world

Keep your employees, partners and customers up to date with the latest training with a branded platform, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Analyzes the impact

Easily export and analyze performance and measure the competency progress of each user profile.


Training usually motivates employees in any company as it is an opportunity to improve. This helps retain valuable employees, as they see the opportunity to continue to grow. Improving skills and education in itself is a valued asset for professional improvement.

This practice improves profitability, as there is usually an increase in employee productivity. If they improve their knowledge, it is evident that they will perform their work optimizing the process and improving the final result. And let's not forget that online training is much cheaper than face-to-face training.
E-learning facilitates customized learning for companies. The online training offer is very varied, so it can cover different needs. The different areas of specialization of companies can easily find content of interest. In addition, the limited number of places is no longer a problem.

What is corporate elearning?

We speak of corporate training or corporate elearning when we refer to the process of training work teams through a series of activities that train, facilitate onboarding, involve and attract employees, customers or partners through various forms of learning programs.

Corporate training is a catalyst for the success of teams, which in turn means the success of companies or organizations as a whole.

Corporate training is essential for companies to enhance the performance and talent of their teams and improve their competencies and job skills.

Boosting talent management with BrainsPro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. With BrainsPro you can offer corporate training and subsidized training (FUNDAE).

That is one of the main advantages of BrainsPro, just by activating your account you have access to your own corporate portal with all the necessary tools to create a catalog, upload content and give your team access to the different trainings from any device. In less than 24 hours you have everything ready to start. 

How to implement a training culture in companies: continuous training of teams is an investment. Attracting and retaining talent means making learning a part of the company's day-to-day operations.

Encourage collaboration between departments for the exchange of knowledge in teams, promoting the creation of learning communities.

Develops digital learning solutions in the work environment. 

Subsidized training is an aid to employee training at the corporate level. 

In order to obtain subsidized training in the e-learning modality, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements demanded by FUNDAE. Among them, the record of student activity, the progress of the course objectives or online communication tools. 

The security of your data is a priority for us. At BrainsPro we follow industry best practices to protect your data.

Please contact our team at with any other questions you may have, thank you!

🎁 Guide to subsidizing training in companies

A company is only as good as its employees. Therefore, in order to grow and prosper, it is necessary to motivate them and improve their professional skills. To do this, training programs are essential. And now, new technologies facilitate the process.

In this free guide we tell you all the steps you need to know to subsidize the training of your employees and benefit from this advantage in Spain. 

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✓ Implement agile training plans and offer customized content.

✓ Motivate interest and the creation of learning communities.

✓ Measure the impact of training actions on talent management.